What Does the Evil Eye Mean and Should You Wear It?

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What Does the Evil Eye Mean and Should You Wear It?

Although the evil eye symbol has been around for hundreds of years, it’s been showing up quite a lot lately, comparatively speaking – especially as a jewelry motif.

Numerous influencers and celebrities – including Jennifer Anniston, Miley Cyrus, and Gigi Hadid – have recently been seen rocking necklaces and rings that incorporate the evil eye. Even Meghan Markle owns a subtle evil eye bracelet that’s gotten people talking and wanting something similar for themselves.

But what is the evil eye really all about? Who might consider wearing one, and why is evil eye jewelry so red hot right now? Here’s a closer look at everything you need to know about the evil eye meaning to make an informed style decision for yourself.

What Is the Evil Eye?

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of evil eye jewelry, it’s probably tempting to think it’s something ominous or malicious. After all, when most people hear about the evil eye, it’s in the context of someone placing a curse on someone else. And those people aren’t necessarily wrong.

Also called “mati” by the Greeks, the action known as the evil eye is a malicious stare one person can give another. If the person harbors nefarious thoughts or feelings toward the person they’re staring at, it’s said that they can wish actual evil and misfortune into their life. This can be done on purpose but also completely accidentally.

The evil eye meaning behind the jewelry people wear is actually the opposite. It’s said to protect wearers from the effects of other people’s ill will and intentions, including those associated with the evil eye stare. In fact, many feel that’s why Meghan Markle wore it – to symbolically protect herself from some of the bad sentiment people were sending her way at the time.

The History of the Evil Eye

Many people curious about the evil eye meaning behind some of the wonderful jewelry they’ve been seeing may wonder just how far back in human history it goes.

The earliest records of evil eye lore date back to 3000 BC, and the idea is linked to many different ancient cultures. For example, it’s prevalent in texts from both Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. You can even find references to the evil eye in holy texts like the Bible and the Koran.

And if you’re a fan of Shakespeare’s, you may even recall the evil eye popping up a time or two in his writings, as well as those of some of his peers. In fact, according to folklore expert John Roberts, approximately 40 percent of the world’s cultures believe in either the power of the evil eye or in something incredibly similar.

Who Might Wear Evil Eye Jewelry?

These days, there are lots of reasons why someone might choose to wear an evil eye pendant, ring, or bracelet. Some do it because they genuinely believe in the power of not only the evil eye but the protective properties of the jewelry.

Others love it for its distinctive look and the unique fashion statement it makes. Here’s a look at a few of the types of people said to benefit most from evil eye jewelry.

Beautiful women

Remember, the evil eye curse isn’t always purposeful. It can easily happen by accident if a person attracts a lot of jealousy and envy as a rule. For this reason, it’s not uncommon to see exceptionally beautiful women wearing the evil eye, especially in certain cultures.


Culturally speaking, children are among the most innocent, vulnerable members of any society. And they can also be the targets of jealousy and ill sentiment. In fact, in the days of Ancient Greece and Rome, many people felt that even gods and goddesses could become jealous of someone else’s beautiful children.

Successful people

Those who are unusually driven, successful, or blessed certainly wind up on the receiving end of the occasional evil eye, especially if they work in competitive fields. Incorporating the evil eye into one’s collection of work jewelry can help offset the effects of any ill will that might be running amok.

Naturally, you don’t need to wholeheartedly believe in the evil eye in order to benefit from wearing jewelry that features it. Many people also wear it because they want to honor an important part of their cultural heritage.

And of course, some are less interested in the spiritual evil eye meaning and more interested in being on trend. Jewelry is very personal, so all of those reasons and more are valid.

Can Men Wear Evil Eye Jewelry?

The power and meaning behind the evil eye aren’t gender-specific. Anyone of any gender, age, class, or nationality can wear and benefit from the evil eye. The pieces also come in a wide range of styles, sizes, colors, and different options, including many attractive men’s jewelry designs.

Why Does the Evil Eye Come in So Many Different Colors?


Because of its ties to beautiful Greece with its sunny skies and brilliant blue waters, most evil eyes are some shade of blue, with deep shades like royal blue or sapphire being the most common. However, evil eye jewelry actually comes in many different colors, each with its own unique meaning. Here are a few to consider as you explore your options.

Dark blue

Choose a dark blue evil eye if you’d like to channel a greater sense of calm, combat stress, or find a new spiritual center in life. Dark blue is also said to have ties to fate and karma, so it’s a great choice for those looking to find (or reclaim) their rightful destiny.

Light blue

This is the best choice for those who like the traditional evil eye meaning of protection and simply want to ward off evil, misfortune, and general bad vibes. This is also a great choice for those who crave a life of peace, quiet, and solitude.


This is the evil eye color for you if you’re a happy, energetic person who loves smiling, laughing, and experiencing life to the absolute fullest. It’s also a great choice for those seeking genuine connection with other people or who are involved in the arts.


A red evil eye is a terrific fit for people who wish they were braver, more enthusiastic, or more energetic, in general. Red not only invites those energies into your life but helps manage anxiety and fear.


Do you work in a field that requires razor-sharp precision or the ability to maintain high levels of focus? Perhaps you’re prone to burnout, exhaustion, or both. If so, then a yellow evil eye can help you stay sharp and make it easier to get into the zone.


A brown evil eye carries additional protection against forces of nature, so it’s a great pick if you live somewhere that sees its share of harsh weather, extreme temperatures, or natural disasters. It’s also great for facilitating a better connection with the earth and becoming more grounded, in general.


Are you grieving a loss, struggling with depression, or otherwise grappling with the effects of sadness in your life? A grey evil eye may be just the thing to help you get over the hump. Grey evil eyes can also make it easier to embrace change and open oneself up to new situations.


White is traditionally associated with purity and clarity of vision, and this is just as much the case when it comes to its evil eye meaning. Choose a white evil eye if you’re looking to make a fresh start or clear persistent obstacles in any aspect of your life.


Are you a highly successful person looking to protect everything you’ve achieved? Or perhaps you’re moving into a period in your life where you’ll be facing a lot of unfamiliar challenges. If so, black is the ideal color pick for your evil eye jewelry.


If you’re looking for a version of the evil eye that will help you relax, preserve your sense of personal peace, or safeguard your important relationships from harm, try pink. It’s fantastic for helping a rosy, contented life stay that way.

Light green

Like blue, green is another very fortuitous color for a piece of evil eye jewelry, especially if you’re looking to forge a path to greater success. Choose light green to promote dream fulfillment, great health, and an overall sense of well-being.

Dark green

Go for a dark green piece if you like an evil eye meaning that facilitates balance, happiness, and contentment. Dark green is also a solid pick for those who’d like more professional or creative freedom in their lives.


If you’re an artistic type who’s looking for some help moving past a creative block or unlocking your imagination, then consider integrating a purple evil eye into your jewelry rotation. Purple is great for freeing the most artistic parts of your personality and mind.

Buying for Yourself vs. Receiving as a Gift: Which Is Best for Evil Eye Jewelry?

Many spiritually charged personal items carry a different sort of significance if you receive them as gifts, as opposed to buying them for yourself. This is the case with a piece of evil eye jewelry, as well.

There’s no bad luck or negativity associated with buying an evil eye for yourself, so it’s perfectly alright to treat yourself to one. But evil eyes are said to be more powerful and effective if someone else buys them for you – especially if that person loves you deeply or is otherwise genuinely concerned for your well-being.

Who Makes a Great Recipient for an Evil Eye?

Think you know someone who would really appreciate owning their own beautiful piece of evil eye jewelry or who might really need the protection? Definitely consider gifting one. Here are just a few examples of people who might especially benefit from owning or wearing one:

  • People going through separations or divorces
  • Anyone newly married
  • Someone pregnant or who’s just had a new baby
  • Newborn babies and young children
  • Anyone moving, starting a new job, going away to school, or otherwise starting a new chapter in their life
  • People who travel often, either for business or pleasure
  • Entrepreneurs and those going into business for the first time
  • Anyone with a history of bad luck or who’s experiencing misfortune

Should Evil Eyes Be Worn on the Right or Left Side of the Body?

There’s really only one way to wear an evil eye necklace, so there’s not too much guesswork to consider there. But what about pieces like rings, anklets, or bracelets that can be worn on one side of the body or the other? Does either choice affect the evil eye meaning or potency of your piece?

Actually, although neither choice will make your eye less powerful or cause any negative energy flow, each side has its own significance to consider.

If you’re wearing an evil eye to help you with professional matters, intellectual flow, or anything else associated with the left brain vs. the right brain, wear your eye on the left. And if you’re wearing yours to boost creativity, facilitate better interpersonal relationships, or anything similar, wear your evil eye on the right.

Is It Bad Luck If Evil Eye Jewelry Breaks?

Naturally, even the best jewelry isn’t indestructible. An evil eye pendant or bracelet can break just as easily as any other type of jewelry. But what does it mean if it does, and what should you do about it? Is it a good idea to repair evil eye jewelry, or is it better to simply buy a new piece altogether?

A broken evil eye actually isn’t bad luck. Many people believe that this happens naturally once the talisman has absorbed its full quota of negative energy or bad intentions, so it’s customary not to repair it. However, most replace theirs right away to ensure there’s no lapse as far as the protection it offers.

Whether you wear yours for spiritual protection or another reason entirely, a piece of evil eye jewelry is highly personal and means something different to everyone. So, decide what it might mean to you (or to a potential recipient), choose your piece carefully, and wear (or give) it with the best of intentions.

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