About Us


The right piece of jewelry is so much more than just something beautiful to look at. When well-chosen and perfectly suited to the wearer, it’s also the tangible embodiment of a person’s fondest memories and most cherished relationships.

At Philophrosyne, we believe beautiful, distinctive jewelry is something that can add meaning and joy to anyone’s life. It’s also something everyone deserves and should get to experience as an accent to their most important moments.

Whether you’re looking for the ideal engagement ring to give your beloved, shopping for the perfect statement piece for a best friend, or even just looking for something special for yourself, it’s our pleasure and honor to help you find something so wonderful it feels like it was made just for you.

The Meaning Behind Our Name

In Greek mythology, Philophrosyne was the Greek goddess of friendliness, welcome, and heartfelt connection. In fact, her very name comes from the Greek words philos (“friend”) and phren (“mind”).

Wherever Philophrosyne went, goodwill and warm feelings of pure joy were sure to follow. The ancient Greeks believed she was present at every happy gathering and anytime people came together to share their love, joy, and gratitude with one another.

Our mission at Philophrosyne is to bring a little of that same pure, unmatched joy into the lives of our valued customers. Every time you wear one of our pieces (or reflect on one you might wear every day), we want it to bring back all the beautiful feelings, people, and events it represents for you.

What You Can Expect from Us

At Philophrosyne, we’re about helping our customers fully explore beautiful, unique jewelry that’s perfect for every occasion. However, we’re also about empowering jewelry lovers to make wise buying decisions and get the absolute most out of the pieces that they own.


Unforgettable moments and special relationships are designed to last a lifetime, so we believe jewelry should be, too. Fine metals, genuine gemstones, and superior craftsmanship characterize all of our pieces to ensure they’re as distinguished as you are.


Whether you’re in the market for a stunning classic engagement ring, a personal statement piece for everyday wear, or a gift that leaves no doubt as to how much the recipient means to you, uniqueness is key. We strive to match every customer with a one-of-a-kind piece that will leave them insisting, “That’s the one.”


Although classic choices like gold and diamonds are always a good decision, they may not be right for everyone or every occasion. That said, our catalog contains plenty of stunning traditional choices. But you’ll find a variety of unusual gemstones, metals, settings, and designs there, as well – a little something for everyone.

We also pride ourselves on educating jewelry lovers via our blog, which we proudly fill with helpful guides and articles designed to help shoppers better understand different gemstones, discover unique new options to love, and get more out of their pieces, in general.

Take a look through our catalog to get a feel for what we have to offer, or browse our blog for a deeper look at what fine jewelry is all about at its core. At Philophrosyne, you’re always welcome.