How to Keep Engagement Ring From Spinning: A Complete Guide

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How to Keep Engagement Ring From Spinning: A Complete Guide

Spinning is something that you rarely hear people talk about when buying a ring. Yet, it can ruin your own or a partners enjoyment of such a beautiful object.

When a ring starts spinning around your finger, it can become irritating for some people. The best solutions to this problem exist before buying your ring. Although, there are some ways to deal with spinning with a ring you already own.

In this guide, we'll take a closer look at some practical ways of how to keep an engagement ring from spinning. Some of these solutions are temporary, and others will be more permanent. Either way, we're sure to have a solution for your needs.

Why Is Ring Spinning a Problem?

If you have a ring that's rounded like a wedding band, for example, spinning shouldn't pose you any problems.

However, the issue of spinning arises when you wear a ring that has a precious stone that's worn in the center above your finger. When spinning happens with these types of rings, the gemstone can flop over either side and start irritating and even hurting your other fingers.

So if you want to wear a ring daily, such as an engagement ring, you want to avoid one that spins.

Reasons Why Rings Spin


There are a few logical reasons why rings can spin around on your fingers instead of remaining in place. 

Here we will talk about what you should consider if you are currently in the market for buying a new ring. Afterwards, we'll talk about how to keep rings from spinning.

Slim Fingers with Large Joints

Having slim fingers and large joints can make ring wearing a challenging pastime.

The ring needs to be large enough to pass over your joint but also needs to fit snugly around your slimmer finger. The problem is if you buy the ring to fit the diameter of your finger, how will you put it on?

Yet, if you buy one big enough to slip over your joint, then spinning is likely to occur when it's worn. It seems quite the dilemma!

Heavy Top Settings


The top setting on the ring, which features your choice of gemstone or an intricate design, can be too heavy. The overloading of weight above the finger means there much more chance that your ring will spin.

Usually, to counter this problem, there should be better weight distribution throughout the ring. The base should have more weight and thickness to it as well.

Finger Swelling

Many people have an issue with their fingers swelling. You might not have noticed that your fingers swell until you started to wear rings that meant to fit you well. 

In reality, everyone's fingers go through changes in size throughout the day. Also, the seasons can affect the size of your fingers. In the summer, your fingers will swell up more, and in winter, they may shrink.

So, you might wear a ring in summer, and it stays firmly in position, but come winter, you could experience spinning from time to time.

Your Ring Is Simply Too Big

It may be that your ring is just way too big, and so it spins often.

Make sure to choose a ring that doesn't have any gaps when it rests on your finger. And, there should be some pressure when you put on your ring and take it off.

How to Keep an Engagement Ring From Spinning

Whether it's an engagement ring, a statement ring, or any other type with a setting - here are some ways to keep it from spinning.

Keep in mind, some of the ways we will discuss can be cheap, quick, and easy to execute. The other methods we're looking at to prevent rings spins are more costly but will offer a permanent solution.

Choose Your Setting Wisely

If you haven't purchased a ring yet and are concerned about ring spinning, a sure-fire solution is to get a Euro shank engagement ring. Euro shanks are specifically designed to prevent your ring from spinning.

But what is a Euro shank?

It's a ring with a smoothed out squarish bottom. Your ring's internal part will be rounded just like any other ring; it's just the outer bottom part of the ring that is squared off.

The great thing about Euro shanks is that they don't look any different to other rings when worn. The squared-off section works unseen to prevent your ring from spinning because of the thick wedges that rest your ring between your other fingers. 

Euro shanks aren't for everyone mind. Some people may find a Euro shank setting a little uncomfortable and weird. But after wearing a Euro shank for a while, most people forget about how different it feels from a conventional ring design.

You have to ask yourself, are you willing to tolerate and get used to a Euro shank, or do you want your ring to spin continually? 

Earlier, we mentioned that people with slim fingers but large joints have difficulties wearing rings in general. A Euro shank setting is an option for these people.

Quick Fixes for Ring Spinning

If you already have a ring that you don't want to exchange or spend loads of money resizing, here, we will talk you through some quick fixes for rings that spin.

All of these solutions involve relatively cheap products, some of which you might already have in the home. You'll also need to have a little patience with these processes to work well for your needs.

String or Tape

Tying a piece of string or applying adhesive tape to the ring's bottom is a fast and straightforward way to avoid it from spinning. This will effectively stop the ring from rotating as you look for a more lasting solution.

The string idea is best suited for those who want to plug a gap between their finger and ring. Tape can be added as well as string to really hold everything in place.

Ring Size Adjusters

A purpose-made option to go for is a ring size adjuster. These can come as clear with no coloring so that they can be almost unnoticeable. 

Ring size adjusters fit in between your finger and your oversized ring to make it fit your finger correctly.

You can buy a variety of sizes all in one pack very cheaply. This means you can order a set of adjusters to your home and test out which one works best - without having to go into a store or seek professional help.

Lastly, we think ring adjusters are one of the best quick-fix options as you can't see them on the outer side of the ring. The downside to adjusters is that they are harder to insert when your ring is on your finger. 

Ring Noodles

Ring noodles work very similarly to ring adjusters as they plug the gap between your ring and finger. 

The main difference is that a ring noodle loops around the ring, so part of it will be exposed on the underside of your ring. Yet most ring noodles are transparent and can be barely noticed.

Also, ring noodles are inexpensive and shouldn't damage your ring at all, as they make them with medical-grade plastics. Therefore, there shouldn't be any worries about allergies when wearing a ring noodle.

They are an excellent option for people with slim fingers and larger joints. These people can buy larger rings to fit over their joint and then just slot on a ring noodle to make the ring fit on their slim finger.

Ring Wraps

Ring wraps are very similar to ring noodles but are just slightly different in design. Ring wraps are typically coils of clear plastic that wrap around your ring's lower setting to make it fit better.

These are best suited for ring owners that require just a small gap filling to make their ring fit snugly. 

Permanent Options To Stop Rings Spinning

There are a few other ways that we will focus on now, which can be very effective at alleviating ring spin for good.

These methods are maybe a little more expensive and time-consuming to stop ring spin. However, once you've had your ring adjusted accordingly, you'll never have to think about your ring spinning again.

Resize Your Ring

This is the most expensive way to make your ring fit correctly without it spinning. 

Some ring materials such as sterling silver, gold and platinum are pretty easy for a jeweler to resize as they are soft and malleable precious metals. If, on the other hand, you have a stainless steel ring, it will be harder to resize as it's relatively complex - but you can do it.

It's a good idea to check the documentation you got with your ring, as many ring sellers will offer a complimentary resize of your ring within a particular period from the purchase date.

Some rings won't allow for resizing, such as some eternity rings, for example. 

Also, for those with larger finger joints, resizing your ring might be out of the question.

Resizing Beads


One way you can resize your beloved engagement ring or any other ring is to add resizing beads. 

You have to take your ring to a jeweler, who will then add two beads on the lower inside of the setting. These beads will help to close the gap between your ring and finger. But more importantly, ring resizing beads can be set in such a way to keep your ring from spinning.

The beads added are typically made from metal. For those with fingers that swell a lot, resizing beads might not be the best option for you.

Spring Ring Guards

You can add spring ring guards through a jeweler, or you can attempt a DIY effort to stop your ring from spinning.

However you choose to add spring ring guards, they are a more permanent fixture to your ring, and they can work for people with larger finger joints. The spring on the ring guard just pushes down when it passes your finger joint and then springs back into place to fit snugly around your finger.

How To Keep Stacked Rings From Spinning?


Stacking rings is the process of adding multiple rings onto one finger. So with multiple rings on one or more fingers, spinning will end up being extremely annoying.

If your stacked rings keep spinning, you might feel the need to correct them to their proper positioning constantly. And if you don't correct them, these rings can rub and hurt the insides of your fingers.

We recommend when ring stacking to go with one or more of the temporary solutions we've mentioned already. You can buy ring noodles, wraps, or adjusters very cheaply and in various sizes to mix and match with your multiple rings.

Hinged Shank Rings

Choosing a hinged shank ring might be your best option if you have large joints on your fingers.

With a hinged shank ring, the ring won't have to pass over the top parts of your finger. Instead, you can clip on this style of ring for a perfect fit.

Final Recommendations

If you're about to buy a ring, please take into consideration the advice we've run through in this guide.

It might be your best option these days to buy your ring online. If your new ring's sizing is a little off and spins, then now you should know how to keep an engagement ring from spinning.

If you're looking for the perfect engagement ring for your loved one, why not check out our beautiful selection, available at various price levels?

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