How to Wear Statement Rings: The Complete Guide for Every Style

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How to Wear Statement Rings: The Complete Guide for Every Style

The ancients saw great value in rare stones, precious metals, and elegant designs to make their jewelry. In ancient Egypt, for example, various beautiful rings were commonly worn by the elites - possibly to make a bold statement about their identity and social standing.

Also known as cocktail rings, statement rings are typically a little larger than fashion rings and can be accompanied by a large gemstone, diamond, or some sort of metal motif. They are the perfect way to express elements of your personality or style preferences.

Yet, you could pour over countless statement ring designs and still feel undecided about which one represents you. Instead, it's a better idea to read through a guide of how to wear statement rings, with every style explained.

Some people believe a statement ring gives you a sense of power and individuality. This guide will help you find a statement ring that lets you express something you want to show people about yourself. 

We'll also let you know how to wear statement rings, ways to take care of them, and other less obvious considerations.

Statement Ring History

There's probably no definitive moment in history when statement rings emerged. Large rings have been around for millennia, with statement jewelry pieces being worn in ancient Egypt

The Romans actually preferred rings over other jewelry pieces, and they had many rings that could be considered statement rings of the day.

In the past few centuries, statement rings were generally only worn by nobility and the super-wealthy. However, around the middle of the 20th century, jewelry became more affordable and socially acceptable for the middle classes. 

These rings are also known as cocktail rings appeared as a trend in the twenties during prohibition in America. Being able to drink a cocktail in these times was quite the status symbol, and what really made a statement was wearing an oversized ring to attract some real attention! 

Well-off women attended shady and opulent celebrations in prohibition times. They'd lounge at a bar sipping drinks steadily while flaunting their eye-catching statement rings for everyone to see. 

It was also a chance for them to show off their long-awaited freedom - they had recently gained the right to vote and work outside their households. 

The cocktail ring was a seductive sign of individuality. In the years after, the statement ring has been an irresistible fashion accessory for women to flaunt in all of their beauty dominance.

Thus, the statement ring, in a modern context at least, was born.

Statement Ring Style Guide and Advice

In modern times, statement rings can be all shapes and sizes - there's no particular rule about what a statement ring should look like. We're no longer in prohibition times, and very few of us are likely to be going to secret parties, drinking fancy cocktails, and flashing our oversized cocktail rings for all to see - which is perfectly fine if you want to, mind!

So we'll now run through some practical tips all about statement rings. See these as a way to help you decide which type of statement ring will suit your needs best.

Statement Ring Proportions

Not all statement rings have to be oversized these days - large ones can be too bulky and impractical at times. Bear in mind the larger rings won't necessarily match your look if your hands are on the smaller and more delicate side. 

For a more unified look, wear small-to-medium statement rings on your right hand. Yet, if you do have larger hands, why not take advantage of their prominence by wearing bright, chunky rings that make a statement while still displaying their own inspiring message?

Practical Considerations

Even though statement jewelry is meant to stand out and draw attention, don't choose a piece that is uncomfortable to wear or that might clash with the rest of your accessories due to its size. 

As well, if you're only looking to buy one special piece to wear regularly, make sure it's not too outrageous, or it won't match with your everyday casual wear. It's better to find a happy medium where there is a subtlety in the statement you're trying to make with your chosen piece so that you can wear it daily.

It's a good idea to begin with statement rings that are medium or small in size and have designs that speak to you. If you want to develop a collection, then choosing larger designs later down the line is probably the best way to go.

How to Wear Statement Rings

There's quite a lot to say about this topic, as statement rings are more than just rounded pieces of metal with precious stones and intricate designs. As it was deemed back in the twenties, the cocktail ring is indeed a 1920's symbol of feminism

Traditionally, they are worn on the right hand as that's the hand that would be commonly raised by flapper girls of the time to order their drinks. 

Yet, if you prefer to wear your cocktail ring on your left hand, it could be a statement in itself to go against the grain a little. The only issue is that your ring could be confused for being an engagement ring, which was probably the main reason why single and independent-minded girls in the twenties avoided the left hand.

Typically, a wearer will have their ring on their middle or ring finger on their right hand. Some people believe that wearing larger and more prominent statement rings on your index finger is a sign of confidence and self-esteem.

Ultimately, however, in a modern context, there are no rules on how to wear a statement ring - you decide!

A Statement For Every Occasion

The great thing about statement rings is that they can be worn for almost any occasion. Although, you might want to build a small collection with one that is more suited for formal attire and others more casual.

You could opt for something a little more minimalist and conservative for the office or something with a bit of color to brighten gray, white, and black outfits.

When attending formal events and parties, why not pull out all the stops and go with the most stunning and glamorous-looking cocktail rings?

Then finally, for casual wear, it's fun to go for a statement ring that's unique and a little quirky, maybe - it's for you to decide.

Can You Wear Multiple Rings?

Most definitely, yes, you can wear multiple statement rings if that's your thing! 

If you are going to wear many rings, it's a nice idea to match them with similar metals and colors. You could also experiment with different shapes and textures to develop a truly unique look.

Cleaning Your Statement Ring

Not all statement rings are made from the same precious metals, so there will be different cleaning routines for various statement rings.

Sterling silver is an excellent choice for statement rings. It's a metal alloy made with 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals to make it more tough and durable. Another option is stainless steel which is incredibly easy to clean.

The issue with sterling silver is that it can tarnish over time, although being a beautiful precious metal.

To clean your sterling silver statement ring, use this simple aluminum bath method for the best results:

Step 1 - To make the aluminum bath, get a ceramic dish and layer it with aluminum foil. Make sure to cover all of the inside parts of the container.

Step 2 - Bring a cup of water to a boil.

Step 3 - Add a teaspoon of salt and a tablespoon of vinegar to your foil-covered dish. Afterward, pour half a cup of vinegar slowly into the container - if too fast, you'll create a violent fizzy reaction where the ingredients could jump out of the dish.

Step 4 - Pour the boiling water into the dish.

Step 5 - Place your sterling silver statement ring into the dish and ensure it's making good contact with the foil.

Step 6 - Once the silver has been soaked for around 30 seconds, carefully take it out and give it a rinse under the tap. Repeat the process if you need to until the tarnishing has vanished.

Also, when you think your sterling silver is looking fresh and tarnish-free again, place it on some tissue to let any excess liquid separate from your ring.

If you're interested, you can get more information on the science of this from the Philidelphia Musesum of Art.

Statement Ring Designs In Focus

In this section, we will explore some different statement ring designs and discuss what they might be best suited for.

These are a few of many statement rings designs you could go for, but these are some of our favorites.

Vintage-Look Cocktail Rings


A lot of vintage-look cocktail rings have classic roots in their design. They tend to be elegant and have a formality about them. However, this style of statement ring can typically work with a number of outfits and various occasions.

Since many of these rings are made with sterling silver, they can be easily manipulated to make them very intricate and distinctive looking in their design. You can come across spirally leaf patterns, classic hexagonal shapes, and floral-inspired looks with these types of rings.

CZ Statement Rings


Cubic Zirconia, or CZ as it's dubbed, is a diamond alternative that's affordable yet looks the part. It's actually a crystalline material created in the lab, but it's strong and has a lovely fire to it. 

With CZ being so inexpensive, it means you can have lots of them embellished onto statement rings, giving you lots of sparkles when worn in the light. Therefore we think a CZ loaded cocktail ring would work perfectly for super formal occasions, parties, and evenings out in fancy restaurants.

Bow-Shaped Rings

Statement Rings with a bowknot design can look cute and add a touch of sparkle with your casual daywear. Again, these are mostly made with precious metals such as silver and gold as these materials are more malleable.

We must reiterate though there is a whole world of statement rings out there, and possibly one or more that will suit your preferences well. 

Choose Your Gemstone 

Lastly, we'd like to explore some of the different gemstone options out there that can come mounted onto statement rings. Choosing a gemstone to match your outfits or personality with various colors and depth is always a fun way to go.

Your choices can include:

  • Green gemstones - Emeralds, peridots, green sapphires
  • White gemstones - Diamonds, opals, pearls
  • Purple gemstones - Tanzanite, amethyst
  • Blue gemstones - Blue sapphires, aquamarines, blue topaz
  • Yellow gemstones - Fire opals, citrine

When choosing a color gemstone, there are few things to consider that will affect its price.


Generally speaking, the more vivid the gem's color is, the more likely it will cost more. This is because extremely dazzling gems tend to look more attractive and rare depending on the type.

Of course, a diamond should have more clarity than color, yet you can get exquisitely vivid blue diamonds!


Nowadays, when a gem has inclusions, it might be one of the best indicators that it's real - rather than lab-made. 

Inclusions also give character to your gemstone, making it one of a kind. But too many inclusions can lower the value of a stone.


A pleasing to the eye clean-cut gemstone will give you some of the best fire - depending on the stone, of course. When a gem is cut well, you shouldn't see any duller areas or inconsistencies. 

Bear in mind, gems such as emeralds shouldn't sparkle with fire. Fire refers to how white light becomes fragmented by stones, typically like diamonds, and creates a rainbow of colors. If your emerald is sparkling with fire, then it's probably fake.


This refers to the weight of your gemstone.

Different colored gemstones can come in a variety of weights - where some are rare at a ten-carat, while others will be scarce at this size. So carat can affect the pricing of gems.

The Final Statement

Now you should have a much better idea of how to wear statement rings. Ultimately, we think it's all down to personal preference, but some factors can help you make your decision more easily about which to buy.

Consider what's in your wardrobe, your favorite colors, and do you like a vintage style or a more modern edge? Ask yourself when you'll really wear your ring too, and whether you want to start a fun little collection.

For more insightful tips about jewelry and rings, check out our blog.

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