What Are The Meanings And Benefits Of Moonstones?


What Are The Meanings And Benefits Of Moonstones?

Are you considering purchasing a moonstone? Or already own one? Are you curious about what moonstones are all about? You have heard moonstone meanings mentioned. What are those? And what about moonstone benefits? What are those, and what should you do to gain them? Moonstones come in several colors. Do the colors make a difference? Does a moonstone require special care? Keep reading to discover moonstone facts and lore.

What Is Moonstone?

Despite its appearance, moonstone is not a piece of the moon. It is a variety of two kinds of feldspar: orthoclase and albite. The two minerals are arranged in layers. The layers cause rays of light to diffract, which means they spread out within the stone rather than either shine through or be absorbed. 

That, in turn, leads to a unique optical effect known as adularescence. That's the shimmery light that seems to float within a moonstone. It’s usually glowing. Moonstone gets its name from that moonlike glow. Although the adularescence effect may look white or bluish, the gemstone itself can be one of several colors. 

Is Rainbow Moonstone Real?

Rainbow moonstones are actually a different gem. They are labradorite, another variety of feldspar. Labradorite often flashes two or more colors simultaneously, a phenomenon generally known as pleochroism. In labradorite, it’s called labradorescence. 

What Are Moonstone Meanings?

Moonstones have been treasured for thousands of years. And they have consistently been associated with the moon. For example, ancient Hindus believed the gem was solidified moonbeams. Others credited it with bringing good luck. Ancient Romans covered all bases with their beliefs that moonstones brought “love, wealth, and success.” Known in some cultures as the Traveler’s Stone, moonstone was thought to protect people who traveled at night. Moonstone symbolism, meanings, and benefits are traditionally regarded as positive. It has few, if any, negative associations. 

The Lunar Cycles And Moonstone Meanings

Moonstones represent the lunar cycles for many. The moon has clearly defined and reliable phases. No matter what else happens, there is always a new moon. A new moon symbolizes the ending of a phase, and it’s typically considered as an opportunity for a new beginning.

The moon also affects the ebb and flow of tides. That’s led to the belief that it can help with the ebb and flow of your life. Events or people can depart from your life, but something or someone will return. 

Moonstones And Feminine Energy

Moonstones are generally regarded as representing feminine energy. Traditionally, they’re connected with fertility. They’re also associated with intuition and the innate beauty of women. In feng shui terms, the moon and moonstones are yin. Curves, softness, and receptivity are among the attributes of yin energy. It’s considered restful, which is also an attribute of feminine energy. 

Moonstones And Chakras

Chakras are energy centers located throughout your body. There are seven primary chakras. The crown chakra is located at the top of your head and has to do with “inner and outer beauty” and “spiritual connection.” It’s the one most associated with the gentle balancing energy of moonstones. 

You may also use moonstones to assist with other chakras. Some people use it to balance the third eye chakra, which is located in the center of your forehead. Others find it helpful with their solar plexus chakra.

What Are Moonstone Benefits? 

Many people consider emotional, physical, and spiritual healing as moonstone benefits. However, using moonstone for healing should not replace professional healthcare. Used carefully, it may help improve your health. A moonstone may also enhance professional care. 

Moonstones And Emotional Healing

The quiet beauty of moonstones is calming and relaxing. Individuals find it helpful in restoring and maintaining “emotional balance.” The glow of moonstone is soothing, allowing your mind to become quiet. It helps dispel stress and worry. Moonstone can help you release negative energies such as fear, especially if your life is in transition. 

That allows you to connect with your inner spirit. You become more aware of your thoughts and feelings. Moonstone allows you access your intuition, helping you make good decisions. You are also better able to repel psychic attacks.

You may feel more peaceful and gain the confidence to express yourself. You may become introspective and gain the ability to let go of old emotional blockages. You may find that moonstone increases your creativity. Feminine energy is the essence of moonstone. The nurturing, loving, and compassionate aspects of your personality grow in strength. Conflicts are more easily resolved. Your relationships improve.

Moonstones And Physical Healing

Many individuals attribute improvements in their physical health to the healing benefits of moonstone. For most, this is a result of the gem’s feminine energy. It is especially associated with promoting “hormonal balance.” Most of your hormones are regulated by the pineal gland. It also regulates your circadian rhythms, which are your body's internal clock. Moonstone’s connection with lunar energy links it to your pineal gland’s functions.

That means it’s also linked to your menses. Those were known as the “moon times” in some cultures. Moonstone is believed to relieve premenstrual, menstrual, and menopausal symptoms. Some women use it to increase their fertility. Others believe that it increases their libido. 

Pregnant women may find that the nurturing qualities of moonstone help with childbirth. It may also stimulate mothering instincts. 

As well as improving reproductive health, you may find that it helps your digestive system. Placing a moonstone under your pillow may help with insomnia. Its gentle energy serves to promote well-being throughout your body.

Moonstones And Spiritual Healing

Moonstone is a “symbol of the mystical and the divine.” Many believe that it taps into the divine goddess energy. It’s closely aligned with the divine feminine, intuition, and dreams. It, accordingly, stimulates spiritual growth. It may also intensify your psychic abilities, such as clairvoyance and telepathy. Many use moonstone to increase their self-knowledge and reclaim their feminine wisdom.

If you know that you’re dreaming while in the dream, you are experiencing lucid dreaming. Although lucid dreaming isn’t for everyone, it can benefit some individuals. Moonstones may increase lucid dreaming for some people. For others, the gem may increase their ability to remember their dreams.

Whether in dreams or waking moments, moonstone may help you obtain guidance from the universe. It may allow you to access the higher realms and receive spiritual enlightenment. You may experience inner visions that increase your spiritual senses and awareness. It may help you discover your life’s purpose. For some people, moonstone’s glow is a reflection of their aura. They use it to gain an understanding of their health.

The Colors Of Moonstones Are Healing

Using colors for healing is well-documented. Fortunately, moonstones are available in many colors. As moonstones are relatively inexpensive, you can choose more than one color if that will best meet your needs. The most common colors are described below, but you aren’t limited to just those. Choose the moonstone that “speaks” to you.

Black Moonstone

Although black has negative connotations for many people, it does have positive attributes when used for healing. An essential benefit of black is its ability to absorb negative energy. It’s a strong color.  

A black moonstone may help protect you from psychic attack. Many people find that it assists in balancing emotions and providing stress relief. For some, it helps them to let go of the past and start a new beginning. It may help you ground and center yourself. 

Blue Moonstone

Blue moonstones are the favorite of many people. Most shades of blue are calming. It helps to reduce anxiety and aggression. A blue moonstone is often associated with the throat chakra. That makes it helpful in communication, especially with the spirit world. It’s also regarded as having protective abilities. It may increase your psychic gifts.

Attributes of blue moonstones are additionally considered nurturing. They may increase your feelings of compassion and love. They assist many in stabilizing and balancing their emotions by bringing harmony and inner strength to their lives.

Green Moonstone

Green is the color of nature. Most people find that looking at green makes them feel relaxed and rested. It often increases their feelings of hope and optimism. A green moonstone is associated with the heart chakra and emotional healing. It may bring you abundance and prosperity.

Peach Moonstone

The color peach is calming for most people. It evokes harmony, tranquility, and peace. It’s helpful in removing negative energy. A peach moonstone is associated with emotional healing. It may increase your feelings of love and compassion for others. A peach moonstone may help you become more fertile. Some individuals believe that it helps them stay grounded while helping them meet their challenges.

White Moonstone

The color white is often associated with purity and innocence. White moonstones are especially linked to the moon and, as such, are regarded as the gem of new beginnings. They’re believed to enhance purity and clarity. White moonstone is a calming stone for many people. It may help you relax and sleep better. Some find that a white moonstone increases their peace of mind. 

Yellow Moonstone

Yellow is known as the brightest of all colors. For many, it stimulates creativity and mental clarity. A yellow moonstone is associated with the solar plexus chakra. It’s a nurturing gem, potentially increasing your self-love and joy. It may create optimism for you and improve your general well-being.

Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow moonstones live up to their name. Their variety of colors is unlimited, with different hues flashing before you, depending on your angle of viewing. Plan on feeling joyous, hopeful, optimistic, and creative with rainbow moonstones. 

Rainbow moonstones are associated with the crown and third-eye chakras. You may discover an increase in your intuitive skills. You may feel more mental clarity, along with spiritual insights and psychic abilities. Rainbow moonstones generate inner peace for some individuals.

How Do You Use Moonstones?

You may wear your moonstone as a piece of jewelry. Or you may carry a loose stone with you. Many people place loose moonstones in their environment. The location depends on their goals. 

For example, keeping moonstone in the bedroom may enhance dreams. If you follow feng shui, a moonstone in certain positions in the bedroom helps with your relationships. Placing a moonstone in the “health center” of your home may improve your well-being. To be more creative in your career, keep a moonstone in your work area.

Many individuals find that holding a moonstone or having one nearby enhances their meditation practice. Some place a moonstone against a chakra they wish to open or stimulate. Moonstones can be incorporated into any ritual. Some individuals write their intention or desire on a sheet of paper and place a moonstone on it. You can use your choice of moonstone to potentially increase the power of any meditation, spiritual practice, or ritual.

How Do You Care For Moonstone?

Many people clean and recharge their moonstone by exposing it overnight to the light of a full moon. Although it’s not generally recommended, others place their moonstone in salt. Some cleanse their moonstones by passing them through smoke from sage, cedar, or similar materials. Some use incense to smudge their moonstones.

You may find advice to place your moonstone in direct sunlight. Be careful if you do this. Although sunlight won’t necessarily harm your gem, high heat can cause it to break. You may also see advice to leave your moonstone in salt water overnight. Again, gemologists advise against putting moonstones in water for an extended period. Rinsing your moonstone in warm, soapy water is usually all that it needs. Never put your moonstone in an ultrasonic cleaner.

Moonstones are easily scratched. When not in use, they should be wrapped in a soft cloth. Pendants or earrings are better choices for moonstone jewelry than rings. 

Do you have questions or would like more information? The experts at Philophrosyne welcome your questions about all kinds of gemstones. They will gladly provide any information that will help you make a good choice. 

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