Mystic Topaz: The Ultimate Buying Guide

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Mystic Topaz: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Are you searching for a gemstone that pops and radiates from any jewelry piece that it's added to?

Mystic topaz is an exquisite-looking gemstone cocktail of colors. It goes by various other names such as Titanium topaz, Alaskan topaz, Rainbow Topaz, and Caribbean Topaz.

Yet, whatever you want to call this uniquely colored gemstone, it's a good idea to understand in more detail what Mystic Topaz is all about.

For example, its predominant colors are typically green and purple, but this isn't a natural phenomenon. Elements of Mystic Topaz are actually human-made, as a kind of enhancement to an ordinary topaz.

Topaz vs. Mystic Topaz

Topaz is a mineral type that comes in a wide array of colors. You can expect to see topaz in various saturations and tones of brown, green, blue, yellow, orange, red, purple, and pink.

The colored variations of naturally occurring topaz are the priciest. Clear or white topaz is quite plentiful in supply, yet it still has the same hardness and precious stone qualities as its colored counterparts.

One way to enhance white topaz is by applying a special coating on the outside of the gem. When such a layer is added, you get Mystic Topaz. Also, the coating is said to be a permanent process that should last for a lifetime or longer. 

However, the special coating can be damaged if the gemstone is not correctly cared for. You should avoid heavy scratching and harsh chemicals if you want to maintain your Mystic Topaz's radiant beauty. 

What is Mystic Topaz Suited For?

Since Mystic Topaz produces a kaleidoscope of colors, it is well-suited to be cut with a larger table into octagonal or oval shapes. With a large table cut, more light can enter the gemstone, which will create more brightness from the diamond.

One of the best cuts for this gemstone is when the Pavillion is concave cut. This type of cut seems to optimally enhance the look of Mystic Topaz and create maximal brightness.

And when Mystic Topaz cuts like these are mounted onto jewelry pieces, you can expect to glitter and glam up any room you enter!

How is Mystic Topaz Made?

Earlier, we mentioned that Mystic Topaz could also be called Titanium Topaz. This is because titanium is used to treat ordinary topaz to become this new mystic specialty.

And if you're interested, the first time the world saw Mystic Topaz was at the Hong Kong Jewelry Fair in 1998. It certainly created a stir!

Anyhow, Mystic Topaz is made with a unique technology called CVD, or chemicals vapor disposition in its unabbreviated form. This treatment's ultimate goal is to enhance ordinary and abundant White Topaz into a more desirable-looking gemstone.

A slim layer of titanium is carefully and precisely layered onto the ordinary topaz. The end result is a dazzling array of colors emitted from the gemstone when it catches the light.

Mystic Topaz Care Routine

As we mentioned, although it is said that the CVD treatment is permanent, it can be damaged if not cared for properly.

To maintain Mystic Topz's rainbow glow, you have to care for the gemstone delicately. An excellent way to think of how to handle this gemstone is to think of it as a precious pearl.

Therefore, whatever jewelry you choose to wear with Mystic Topaz as its centerpiece, make sure not to expose it to rough and potentially damaging activities such as sports, for instance.

Just like you would with a precious pearl, only use a soap and water mixture to clean the gemstone for best preservation. Any harsh or abrasive chemicals should be avoided at all costs when cleaning Mystic Topaz titanium coating.

What About Fading?

Due to Mystic Topaz having a surface coating similar to gold plating, it can fade over time and show signs of wear. Prolonged heat and sun exposure can cause your Mystic Topaz to fade and wear out quicker. 

If you treat Mystic Topaz gently, it will provide you with its luscious rainbow effect of colors for generations.

Mystic Properties?

Topaz stones, in general, are thought to have many mystical and healing properties laced into their dazzling structure. 

For example, it is associated with the Sacral Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra Chakras from ancient meditation practices. Also, it is a stone linked to the Leo, Scorpio, and Sagittarius zodiac signs and represents air as described in its elemental form.

Furthermore, the ancient Greeks and Egyptians thought of topaz as a symbol of the sun, which corresponded with their gods Zeus and Ra. 

In terms of healing, ancient people believed that adding topaz to wine would help heal issues with the lungs and breathing and heal a person's damaged eyes. 

One clearly unsuccessful use of the gemstone was to detect if there was poison added to their wine. Of course, if there were poison in a Pharoah's wine, the topaz wouldn't have indicated this in the slightest.

Lastly, you might be interested in Mystic Topaz jewelry if you have a birthday in November - as it is considered the birthstone for this month. We think a very endearing idea would be to buy a Mystic Topaz jewelry piece for a loved one with a birthday or anniversary, even in the month of November.

Jewelry and Mystic Topaz

Typically, jewelers embed Mystic Topaz into rings and bracelets. However, you can find this gemstone in all manner of jewelry types. 

Many people decide to opt for this gemstone in engagement rings because of its exquisite sparkle that lights up a room. Anyone showing off a Mystic Topaz engagement ring will surely gain the attention they deserve, and the giver of the ring will feel satisfied with how the ring is received.

Also, larger Mystic Topaz gemstones look superb as part of statement pieces, such as statement rings. 

Suppose you consider that the original name for a statement ring in the modern sense was a cocktail ring. It was named a cocktail ring because women who went to secret prohibition parties wanted to show off their "bling" jewelry along with the forbidden cocktails they were drinking. 

It was a statement for them in the sense of feminism and freedom, as women's rights were on the rise at that time as well. But nothing could be more perfect than a large Mystic Topez mounted onto a cocktail ring, with its multicolored fire that can help positively distinguish you from a crowd. Mystic Topaz really can be a proper party piece!

Where is Topaz From, and How is it Formed?

Topaz can be found worldwide with sources including Nigeria, Russia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Mexico, the USA, and Pakistan. 

The best premium source of the gemstone is thought to be in Ouro Prêto in Brazil. Many believe that this is the only place you can find imperial topaz, where people have mined it for over 200 years! The mine in Ouro Prêto remains one of the most productive and oldest mines in the region.

Also interestingly, some of the finest British topaz can be found in the Central Highlands in Scotland. Then you have the Schneckenstein topaz variety in Germany, which has a pale yellow complexion and typically features in many jewelry pieces.

Russia is also a prominent source for Topaz crystals, with the Ural mountains and Siberia being the key localities where people mine it. Furthermore, Japan has beautiful Topaz crystals that miners dig up in its Takayama and Tanokamiyama regions.

Lastly, if you're interested in US Topaz gemstones, you can find topaz in San Diego County, California, and Pikes Peak in Colorado. Usually, the American Topaz crystals are found as course and roughly formed, so they need a lot of manipulation to get them to a desirable product.

What to Look For In Mystic Topaz

Like most precious stones, you should judge Mystic Topaz on its cut, color, and clarity.


We already discussed that octagonal and other faceted cuts are best for this gemstone as the angles allow more light in and reflect the light to enhance the brilliance of color. 

You should be looking for an "eye-clean" stone with as few inclusions as possible in terms of clarity. The more inclusions, the less valuable it will be.

What is Mystic Topaz Worth 

Mystic topaz is a relatively affordable gemstone that can suit various budgets. 

Many people pair up Mystic Topaz with sterling silver, for example. With its neutral gleam, the silver helps to highlight the sparkle and shine emitted from Mystic Topaz in all its glory.

So typically, the larger the gemstone, the precision and style of the cut, and fewer inclusions that it has, the pricier Mystic Topaz will be.

Please bear in mind that you should consider Mystic Topaz with more sentimental value rather than a monetary investment. It's most likely that the original and untreated Topaz crystal used to make your Mystic Topaz will have had more value.

Mystic Topaz vs. Alexandrite

Alexandrite and Mystic Topaz can both be mistaken for each other as they are similar in color and the way they produce such a colorful and bright display.

However, alexandrite is much rarer than Mystic Topaz because its coloring is naturally formed over thousands of years. Alexandrite takes its color from naturally occurring chromium entering into its formation process.

But the great thing is, if no one asks you about your Mystic Topaz jewelry piece, they could potentially think you're wearing alexandrite!

Interesting Topaz Facts

The year was 1750, and a Parisian jeweler named Dumelle discovered a unique property inherent to yellow Brazilian topaz. He found that when a moderate amount of heat was exposed to the topaz crystals, they turned a shade of pink!

So almost all the pink topaz jewelry you come across will have been heat-treated to create the color. Another name for the pink variety is a Brazilian ruby. 

Another interesting fact about topaz stones is that they are one of the hardest naturally occurring minerals found. They have a Mohs hardness of 8 - making them the hardest silicate mineral by far.

The name topaz is thought to be derived from the Greek word topazes, which translates as "to seek." Topaz was also a name of an island in the Red Sea that was very challenging to find. There were also precious yellow stones mined on the island in ancient times.

So it may be that the stone's name is taken from the idea of something that's hard to find.

Moving on towards the middle ages, topaz referred to any yellow gemstone. However, now, the name is only used for the silicate type of gemstone, and of course, now there are many colors.

The Largest Faceted Gemstone In the World

It's a topaz that holds the record for being the largest faceted gemstone on the planet. 

The El-Dorado Topaz weighs in at a mighty 6.2 kg and was discovered in Minas Gerais - a mineral-rich mine in Brazil. Precut, the gemstone weighs a humongous 37 kg! 

Where can you find this mind-boggling gemstone?

Well, it belongs to the British Royal collection - so you'll have to ask them.

Final Thoughts

Mystic topaz is well worth considering if it's mounted on jewelry such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. 

The real draw to this gemstone is that it radiates such a beautiful shine and sparkle of colors. Wearing Mystic Topaz at a party as formal wear can really enhance your chosen outfit for the evening.

For more interesting jewelry tips and facts, please check out our blog.

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